Tourists Attractions in north Zanzibar

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Tourists attractions in north Zanzibar

Zanzibar is ideal place for tourists, almost throughout the whole year. Around Zanzibar you can find many diving and snorkeling sites. You can lie on beautiful beaches. Take variety of drinks and food and enjoy good accommodation facilities. What else a tourist can ask for?
Cholo’s Tourists Attractions in Nungwi, north Zanzibar, consists of 3 tourists attractions. Divine Diving dive center, Zanzubuggy ATVs (buggies) center, and Cholo’s bar-restaurant.

Zanzibar - island dream for tourists

Zanzibar is an archipelago that lies in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Tanzania. It’s made up of 3 main islands (Unguja, Pemba and Mafia), plus manyf smaller islands. The largest island is Unguja. There you can find Zanzibar City, the capital. In few places the name of Zanzibar City is Stone Town, which is actually an area of Zanzibar City, the older one. Pemba is north of Unguja and Mafia is to the south, near Mozambique.
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What will you find in Cholo's Beach Tourists Attractions in Nungwi, north Zanzibar ?

Cholo’s Beach Tourists Attractions in Zanzibar is ideal place for your holiday in Zanzibar. The location of this place is in Nungwi village , in the northern tip of Zanzibar island . By taking a taxi from Zanzibar city (or Stone Town), it will take about 1 hour of drive.

Self driving in Zanzibar is not recommended, due to the bad conditions of the roads. Besides, driving in Zanzibar is on the left route of the road.
In some places, you can find the name Unguja for Zanzibar.
Cholo’s Beach Tourists Attractions consists of three (3) different activities. You can enjoy all, or one or two.
Zanzibar archipelago is well known for its diving sites.
You can start your staying with us by diving or snorkeling, with our 5 stars PADI or SSI “Divine Diving” dive center.
Then, you can enjoy buggy tour by driving yourself to a hidden spots around our village. Our “Zanzibuggy” buggies center launch daily guided excursions. This will arise your adrenaline to very high levels, causing you to ask for more.
When arriving back from diving or driving, you can relax in our Cholo’s bar-restaurant. Tropical cocktails and exotic drinks, fresh international food, will turn your vacation unforgettable.
Divers adventure
Buggies ATVs trip
Blue sea in Zanzibar

Make your holiday unforgettable!

Nungwi is the most popular tourists resort  in the north part of Zanzibar archipelago. Along its beaches, you can find many quality restaurants, bars and hotels, providing ample entertainment.
Zanzibar island is small, so moving from one part to the other is not a big deal. If you don’t stay in Nungwi area, we recommend to travel at least one day to our place, you will not regret it.
Over all, take an open invitation to our famous Thursday party. Tourists from all over the world and local people are gathering together, drinking and dancing, until late at night.
Divers in Zanzibar
Short buggy excursion with Zanzibuggy
Cholo's bar-restaurant




Dive Center

Divine Diving dive center is part of Cholo’s  Beach Tourists Attractions center.

Zanzibar have many magnificent diverse dive sites, rich with spectacular coral reefs. This is even more relevant when talking on Nungwi and Kendwa in particular.

Divers safety is our first priority! Certified instructors, well maintained equipment, small groups and many other precautions. 

You can find more details on diving and snorkeling in Divine Diving site.

Buggies Tours

Equipped with state of the art buggies, tourists can explore places that could never accessed  by car. Hidden gems known only to locals. Our guides will take you off the beaten track to picturesque beaches away from the tourist crowds
Pirates, merchants, and smugglers from around the world called Zanzibar home. They left their secrets on the island waiting for you to discover.
The routes taken by Zanzibuggy tours are going along the old smugglers’ routes, encircling the northern tip of the island.
You can find more details on our buggies tours  in Zanzibuggy site.


Our bar-restaurant cater for any visitor who like to enjoy good food and drinks. Drink and dine close to the sea shore, enjoying nice weather and good atmosphere.
Enjoy food and drinks, local and international, after your dives or buggy excursion. We serve unique menu, mediterranean based, like hummus, falafel,  and many more.
To see our menus press here.

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Cholo's Beach Tourists Attractions

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