ATV (Buggies) Trips with Zanzibuggy
(ATV = All Terrain Vehicle)

Zanzibar like never seen before

An experience that takes you off the beaten road

If you visit Zanzibar but only stay on a resort beach, whether for suntan or rest,  you’re missing a world of adventure!
Pirates, merchants, and smugglers from around the world called Zanzibar home. They left their secrets on the island, waiting for you to discover.
Cholo’s Beach Tourists Attractions launch ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) trips every day. The tours are passing through the inland, inside villages and besides hidden beaches . All around the northern tip of the island.


Explore places that you could never access by car – hidden gems known only to locals. Our trips guides will take you off the beaten track,  to picturesque beaches away from the tourist crowds. You will also observe traditional farming, boat building, and fishing techniques. Our unique vehicles make exploring this beautiful island an epic adventure – Zanzibar is an off-road driving paradise!

Our buggies excursions

Start your thrilling journey in beautiful Nungwi. First, we start with quick orientation of the vehicle (the buggy). Then embark on our adventurous route, along a secret smugglers path, to a pristine fishing beach.

Daily departures!

Our buggies

Our off-road buggies are the perfect way to explore Zanzibar’s north coast. Each buggy comfortably seats two and offers the stability of a car with the “go anywhere” excitement of a dirt bike. Our buggies are outfitted with everything you need for an exhilarating adventure.

What our customers say?

Although we love the beautiful beaches, we wanted to share the hidden parts of the island with other people - there is so much more to see and do here than most visitors ever discover! Zanzibuggy offers a one-of-a-kind adventure, combining the thrill of off-road motorsport with the sun-drenched scenery of Zanzibar.

"One of the best experience ever.."

Meet us at the Cholo's beach in Nungwi