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What are the bar and restaurant opening times?

The Cholo’s bar-restaurant in Nungwi is opened every day from 12 noon. The restaurant kitchen closes at 10pm, while the drinks in the bar are served to the last client. And, don’t forget our famous Thursday party, every Thursday night, starting around 22:00.

What tourists attractions I can find around Nungwi?

Nungwi is mostly known by its beach. Many hotels, restaurants and bars are spread along the beach. Two turtle aquariums are located not far from the shore. In the fish market you can see very early in the morning the fishermen huntings. In the Masai market you can find paintings and hand made jewelry. Nice place, where  you can see 

Where is Kendwa?

Kendwa is about 3 km south of  Nungwi. You can reach it by easy walk along the beach during low tide, but it is impossible at high tide (approx. every 6 hours). In that case, the only option is uncomfortable  walk along back roads, hard going on the rocky roads, or a boat trip at a steep $20 per trip

Do you have any details on Nungwi village?

Nungwi is a large village located in the far northern end of  Zanzibar island. Its population is about 5,000 people. Nungwi is one of the biggest villages on the island. It’s distance from Stone Town is about 55 km, approx. an hour and a half drive from it (and it depends on the road conditions). Nungwi was traditionally a fishing village and

Do you have any details about Stone Town?

Stone Town is the old part of Zanzibar City, the biggest town in Zanzibar island.  Stone Town is located on the western coast of Unguja, the main island of the Zanzibar Archipelago Read more details in Wikipedia.

What is the weather like in Zanzibar?

Zanzibar is fairly close to the equator, so in general the weather is tropical, with influence of the Indian ocean that  surrounds the island. The season from June to October is fairly dry, with not much rains. It’s usually a fine, clear sky and sunny weather, and it’s a great time to visit Zanzibar. During November and December there is

Do I have to show certificate of vaccination on arrival to Zanzibar?

The following information source was copied from governmental site during Feb 2019. It is brought here to help potential travelers to Zanzibar. For updated data please refer to the official sources. Visitors entering Tanzania from yellow fever infected areas require yellow fever international certificate of vaccination. Yellow fever vaccination is required for all travelers from yellow fever endemic countries/regions. All

What are the procedures when arriving at Zanzibar (ZNZ) airport?

Entering the Tanzanian territory by the international airport of Zanzibar requires for travelers other than Tanzanian citizens a passport valid more than 6 months and a visa. Several possibilities are available to visitors to obtain this visa (online e-visa, visa on arrival or visa in embassy). Some of these methods of procurement are open only to certain nationalities. For Visa

Which main airlines are flying to Zanzibar?

Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, United Airlines.

Is there any height limit for a driver or passenger in ATVs tours?

We don’t really have a height  limit, but our ATVs (buggies) are small, so people over 190 cm / 6 ft may have a problem fitting into the vehicles. People under 145 cm / 4 ft 11 in may have a problem seeing over the wind shield and might not be able to drive.

Is there any weight limit for ATVs trips?

The ATVs (buggies) are strong for their size, but like all cars they have a maximum bearing weight. Maximum weight per passenger/driver: 120 kg or 264 lbs. Maximum combined weight; 220 kg or 485 lbs.

What do I need to wear for the ATVs (buggies) tours?

Wear something you don’t mind getting wet and/or dirty. It is a very good idea to bring an extra set of clothing. We would advise you to wear a swimming custom under your clothes so after the trip you can just take a swim in the ocean. All kind of foot wear are welcome as long as you feel comfortable

Are you encouraging giving the village children any gifts or donations?

Definitely not.   First, to tourists coming from outside it looks as the children are poor and unhappy. Believe us – the kids in Zanzibar are happy.   Second, we never have enough for everybody, and it causes violence among the children.   Other reasons why not to give gifts:   Sweets can cause a lot of medical problems, especially

Does your ATVs tours go via local villages?

We do enter to local villages, for you to get the real impression of Zanzibar people and life. But, we are taking all measures not to offend the local people way of life.

Who can participate in our ATVs (buggies) tours?

Each buggy fits 2 Guests, driver and passenger.  Guests from ages 5-85 are welcome on our trips,  but keep in mind that we drive through a bumpy road. In order to drive you need to have a valid driver’s license (from your country).

Can you provide more details on the ATV Culture tour?

Basically,we have two types of ATVs trips: Adventure (Long) and Culture (Short). In the Culture  tour we drive through Nungwi village towards a local traditional blacksmith workshop. We will watch them working like the way they worked for many years. We  continue to a fisherman village, where some of the metal products that you saw before are used to built

Can you elaborate more on the ATV Adventure tour?

The off-road adventure begins with a drive via the village of Nungwi. Then we take an off-road that was used for smuggling before the political revolution took place. This road leads us to a secluded fisherman beach. After a short break, we drive through a winding road surrounded by lush vegetation and a plantation area. During our trip, we will

Do you go out to the sea for a dive or snorkeling every day?

We launch dives almost every day. Weather and sea conditions can effect our decisions whether to go out to the sea or where to go. Cancellations are very rare, since normally the sea of Zanzibar is excellent for diving.

Are you authorized PADI or SSI dive center?

We are Five (5) Stars authorized PADI dive center and authorized SSI dive center.

Do you have TripAdvisor pages for the Tourists Attractions?

Link to Zanzibuggy ATVs tours in  TripAdvisor: Link to Divine Diving dive center in TripAdvisor:  

Do you have Facebook pages for the Tourists Attractions?

Our Facebook page is that Link to Divine Diving Facebook page – Link to Zanzibuggy Facebook page –

Do you support the local community in any way?

We do give back to the community in an organized way (like donating sewing machines for the village arts and crafts center, and building blocks for the local infirmary). So, if you are interested, you can be part of it by bringing some art supplies from your country, which we will donate to the local schools (but please don’t bring

Is there pressure cell in Zanzibar?

Yes, there is. Dan Safety operate it and we are affiliated with them.

How many instructors escort each diver?

Safety is our first priority. All our dives and snorkeling sessions are guided by qualified instructors and Divemasters.

Is it possible to dive with you in Pemba and Mafia islands?

Pemba and mafia islands are quite far from Nungwi and require special arrangements, so we normally don’t dive there.

Do you practice two dives per day even in farthest sites?

We run two dive sessions each time we go for diving, also when we go to the farther sites like Lavenbank or the Big Wall.

Which dive sites are recommended for snorkeling?

Tumbatu island and Mnemba island are highly recommended sites for snorkelers. Mnemba island  is a natural reserve with a big variety of beautiful fish and coral, Tumbatu island is well known for its beautiful coral reefs. Snorkeling in Tumbatu costs $35 per person includes equipment, wet suit and a snorkeling guide. It is a half day trip. Snorkeling in Mnemba

Which dive sites are mostly visited?

Mnemba island, which is natural reserve with a big variety of beautiful fish and coral, Tumbatu island which is well known for its beautiful coral reefs, and several local dive sites that are highly recommended for diving here in Zanzibar.

What is the best site to dive when in Nungwi?

Most of our dives are done in Mnemba, where you can see a lot of Marine life, and Tumbatu, where you can find many coral reefs.

Can I ask to dive in a specific site?

It is possible to request to dive in a specific site, but it depends on the sea and weather conditions, so we don’t make any commitments.

For diving more than 10 dives do I get discount?

For diving more than 10 dives, each dive costs US$42, instead of US$50.

Do I need to pay for the diving gear?

Diving gear is given with no cost only in case of pre-booking.

Diving in far site will cost more?

For diving in Mnemba you need to add US$30, and in Tumbatu US$10.

What are the prices for all the activities in Cholo’s Tourists Attractions?

All the diving activities prices can transparently be seen in the Pricing Page of Divine Diving web site, Adventure tour with Zanzibuggy costs US$ 120 per vehicle, Culture tour price is US$ 80. The bar-restaurant menus are elaborated in

In case of cancelling a dive do you refund?

We normally charge only after you have completed your dives. In case you paid in advance and you cancel, no refund is taken place.

Do I get discount for pre-booking dives or ATV tours?

When pre-booking either dives or ATV tours, you get 10% discount. For pre-booking Dives, Courses and Packages, your spot on the boat is assured and the diving gear is free of charge.

Do I have to pay any payment in advance?

For pre-booking we charge 50 US$ as advanced payment.

Do you get payments with credit cards?

Yes, as well as by cash (local, EURO and US$), DirectPay and PayPal. When paying by credit card you need to add 5% commission.

What is the average water visibility around Zanzibar?

From mid-Oct to mid-Dec the average visibility is 15m, from then until mid-Feb it drops to 8m, then it climbs to 15m until mid-June, when it drops to 10m until mid-Oct. All the above-mentioned figures are average, and are dependent on the weather and sea conditions.

What is the average sea temperature in Zanzibar?

From June till October the water temp. is normally between 24 to 26 Celsius, from Nov until May is between 27 to 29 Celsius.

Is it possible to dive with glasses?

No. It is possible to dive with contact lenses, or with dive mask with optical lenses.

What is the difference between Refresher dive and Fun dive?

Refresher dive is required when a certified diver did not dive for more than a year. It is normally done in the swimming pool, in Amman Bungalows hotel or Hilton hotel swimming pool, where our offices are located. It can be done sometimes in the open sea, close to the beach. Fun dives are done in one of our diving sites

What is the best season to dive in Zanzibar?

Zanzibar diving sites are suitable for diving most of the year. The period between March and May is considered to be less attractive since many rains are present.

What are the minimal requirements to dive with you?

You need to be older than 10 years old, and you need to sign a standard medical statement. You can review the medical statement that you will be asked to sign in this link:

Can I dive more than two times per day?

Three dives in one day is possible if you take Night dive as well.

Can I get more details about snorkeling with you?

There are two highly recommended sites for snorkelers around Nungwi, Tumbatu island and Mnemba island. Mnemba island  is a natural reserve with a big variety of beautiful fish and coral, Tumbatu island is well known for its beautiful coral reefs. Snorkeling in Tumbatu costs $35 per person and includes equipment, wet suit and a snorkeling guide. It is a half day

How long dive session lasts?

Our dive boats usually depart in the morning between 08:00-10:00 and return to shore in the afternoon. Each dive duration depends on your air consumption, and normally takes between 40 to 50 minutes.

Where is the dive center (club) located?

Our dive center is called Divine Diving,and it is located in Cholo’s beach, in Nungwi village, at the northern tip of Zanzibar island. We do have offices for booking dives in Amman Bungalows Hotel and in Hilton Double Tree hotel in Nungwi beach.

Can I hire under-water camera?

We don’t have under-water camera for hire. You are very welcome to bring one with you,

Do you have nitrox?

No, we don’t have nitrox.